Saturday, February 7, 2009

February 7th

The first weekend in February, Gil had a meeting in Columbia so Harriette decided to come along. She had just recently bought a new carpet cleaner and wanted to clean our rug for us. Who was I to refuse? They showed up around nine in the morning. Gil dropped off Harriette and continued onto his meeting in Columbia while we got to work on the rug.

It was quite the workout. The carpet cleaner is the type that vibrates and you use powder, not water. This would be easy if we were cleaning a carpet that was held down, but we were cleaning the rug in the living room and it went everywhere. The rug and the cleaner pretty much had a mind of its own. We did manage to get it done though. Not all of the stains came out but a good deal did and the best part was that it smelled better.

After tackling the rug Harriette wanted to go to the Jo-Ann's so off we went. While neither of found any fabric we did get an amazing deal on scrapbooking paper. Packs of paper that would normally cost $20 were discounted 50% and then Harriette had a coupon for another 20% off that. We walked out of there with treasures in hand for $8 a pack!

All the while Harriette and I were doing this, Danny was up in the attic with our neighbor Tim blowing insulation. It took them until nearly four o'clock to fill it up, but it is now done. Boy did they create a mess too. It could have been much worse I suppose, but the hallway was covered in dust. After a much needed shower, Danny and I went over to Tim and Lynn's house for steamed oysters and shrimp (I had sausage). It was a nice ending to a very productive day.

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