Friday, June 21, 2013


Tonight was one of those nights where I just want to remember the sweet moment. Quinn was starting to wind down for the night and wanted to cuddle. He picked up his passy and two lovies and crawled up into my arms. He always wants two lovies, one for each hand.

He has six different lovies. I knew I didn't want to get in a battle when it needed to go in the wash, so I made sure we had back ups and we rotate them often. I have noticed that three in particular seem to be the favorites. Those lovies happen to have ribbon bows pinned to their necks. Quinn will rub the ribbon in his little fingers, playing with the loops on the bow.

At this age, he is starting to sprout his own mannerisms, his own personality quirks. Rubbing the silky ribbon soothes him when he's upset or tired. He snuggles into my arms and doesn't move a muscle, except for those little fingers.

I cherish these moments of quiet. Quinn is go-go-go 95% of the day and I just know that one day he's not going to want to cuddle with mama at all. He'll outgrow his passy and lovies, but I'll always remember him playing with the ribbon bows.

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