Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quinn is eighteen months

Dear Quinn,

Somehow, at some point, you became a little boy. I can't quite pinpoint when you transitioned from baby to toddler, but it happened. I'm struggling with how to even explain all the changes you've gone through. You're walking, talking, dancing, playing, and eating up a storm just to name a few. 

After another trip to the doctor, we can confirm that you're still our skinny little boy, but you are definitely growing. You weigh 21.9 lbs (5-10th percentile), are 31.5" tall (25th percentile), and have a head circumference of 19.5" (90th percentile). You wear all 18 month clothes and a size 4.5 shoe. I've tried to put you in a couple of 24 month things but they just hang off you ha.

Every time Daddy and I hear about another baby's sleeping habits we feel so blessed about yours. You still have the same routine of bath at 6:30 and night-night by 7. Mama did have to seal up your window with block-out material to get rid of the summer sun. The late sunsets were confusing you on when bedtime should be so we fixed that quickly! You ask for your passy and loveys (always two, one for each hand), we turn on your humidifier and glow seahorse (thank you Miss Molly!), and snuggle for a minute or two before I lay you in the crib for the night. I would say 99% of the time you don't make a peep until morning! The few times you do wake up are from being sick or accidentally wetting through your diaper. On the weekends you stay quiet until 9-9:30 in the morning. So wonderful!

We dropped your last night time nursing session when you were 16 months old. One night your teeth must have been bothering you and you bit mama...twice. It was at that point that I decided you were done and you seemed to agree. Thankfully there wasn't ever a struggle and mama cried about it only a little. I'm so thankful we made it through 16 months of nursing together. There were days I never ever thought we'd get through, but we persevered. It was the best bond I could ever have with you, my sweet boy. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Cloth diapers are still going strong! You are unsnapped all the way with 2 or 3 rows showing around your waist (it depends on how full your tummy is ha!). Mama got you some hemp inserts to double stuff at night and they do a great job of stopping the leaks. You are starting to show some interest in the potty. You understand the words potty, pee-pee, and poo-poo and will even go sit on the potty when mama asks you to.

Your eating habits are all over the place baby boy. You have your definite favorites and request them quite frequently. Cracker! Gogurt! (yogurt) Lilk! (milk), but you can't survive on those things alone. Oatmeal, cheerios, cereal bars, bananas, chex cereal are your typical breakfast items although you've tried (and liked sometimes) eggs, waffles, and pancakes. Lunch and dinner always range in variety and attitude. Sometimes you are fine eating what mama and daddy had for dinner (like spaghetti, chicken, rice, and green beans, or hot dogs) and other times you only want spaghetti-os and apple sauce. You certainly keep us on our toes.

You've had some allergic reactions and we're concerned you might be allergic to peanuts. Mama has an epi pen in her purse just in case, but we are going to the doctor to have you tested to be sure.

At 15 months you were starting to increase your vocabulary with a handful of words. Now, at 18 months you say all sorts! I'm not sure I can even list out all of your words, but here are some: daddy, mama, memere, Ashley, pup-pups, Shiloh, Ella, Waldo, kitty, cracker, yogurt, milk, let's go, please, thank you, down, all done, out, more, ball, book, truck, car, passy, lovey, night-night, no, yes, yellow, hat, shoe, sock, shirt, uh-oh, hey, hi, bye-bye, eat, snack, bubbles, outside. I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting!

You have tons of little teeth now! You have maybe 8 on top and 4 or 5 on the bottom. I don't know for sure as you won't let me look around in there but your sweet toothy grin is beautiful. We've started brushing your teeth after bath time. You do it all by yourself like such a big boy!

 You officially started walking the beginning of January, but were very wobbly and still preferred crawling in March. By April you really had gotten the hang of it and crawling was a thing of the past! Now you walk, run, and dance all the time. You stomp around the house making as much noise as possible, which is good for me because it let's me know where you are ha. You love to push things around like your musical walker, your truck, or even your high chair. You've even become interested in the rocking horse Memere and Grandpa gave you for Christmas.

Playing with you is so much fun now! You drive your trucks around saying, "beep! beep!" You still love to knock down block towers and build with legos. You will bring books to me or your daddy and quickly flip through the pages, proclaiming "all done!" at the end. You love going outside to blow bubbles and doodle with chalk. It is go, go, go all the time with you!

With all this hard playing, you still take a great nap in the afternoons. After lunch you will start to rub your eyes so we get your passy and loveys and lay down. You will nap from 12:30 to 3:30! Sometimes if we are going out to dinner and might be out past your bedtime, I'll let you sleep even longer. It's a great block of time for all of us to recharge.

You have become quite the helper. If we tell you to put something in the basket, you will follow directions. You help pick up your toys and put them away. You help hand things to mama and daddy when we ask. You also love to help feed the dogs. This one has to be my favorite. You will tell the pup-pups to sit while we pour the food in their bowls. Then you tell them to go so they can eat their food. I hand you the cups to put back in the food bin and then you shut the door for me.

Your personality shines every day boo boo and you bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. We love you so so much, to the moon and back!


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