Tuesday, June 26, 2012

welcome to the upstate

As you can imagine, things have been a little (let's face it, a lot) crazy around here. June 6th was my last day at my very first "big girl" job. It was a weird feeling knowing that after four years I would no longer be coming back to the crazy and chaos, but I was definitely ready for my next adventure.

June 11th was my first day at my new job. If you look at the calendar, that gave us four days to finish packing what we needed and move everything to the upstate. Lucky for us, we have an amazing friend who generously opened up her house and is letting us stay with her in Boiling Springs until we can close on our new house. It definitely took a bit of stress off of us since we no longer had to look for a temporary apartment to move into for six weeks.

My parents (also amazing) agreed to take the dogs for us during this temporary living situation. I'm fairly certain they don't miss us at all. Shiloh and Ella have my parents' two dogs to play with, a fenced-in back yard to romp around, and a lake to swim in. They frequently accompany my parents out on boat rides and get plenty of attention from everyone. In fact, can I go live there?

So the hubs, Quinn, the two cats, and I have been making it work as one happy family in one bedroom. It's been interesting to say the least. While I love my baby boy and hubs, I'm ready for a little space. Thankfully Quinn is a fairly heavy sleeper. I try my best to get everything done before he goes to bed at eight, but it's nearly impossible!

The past two weekends we have gone back to the old house to work on packing it up and getting it ready to rent. We're getting close but at the same time it feels like there is still so much to do. We'll be headed back again this weekend and hopefully we'll finish up the packing portion. Then it will just be a matter of cleaning, touching up paint, and putting the yard back together.

After we move into the new house (July 20th!!), I hope to be posting more about my organization and decorating efforts. Let's just say I have been on Pinterest and Houzz waaayyyyy too much ha!

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