Tuesday, September 14, 2010

crazy busy


Remember how I said I might be losing my marbles? Well call me crazy cakes. We got the machine. I know, I know, completely psycho move on my part but it was so dang irresistible especially when they throw 48 months interest free financing at you.

So The Big Mo (Babylock Ellisimo - get it?) has a home currently on our dinning room table. This is only temporary and the hubs said he'll build me a nice table in my craft room. As weird as this sounds I'm so overwhelmed with the possibilities, I can't think of what I want to embroider. I haven't touched it yet. Maybe tomorrow.


I just realized we do not have a free weekend until October 30th. This weekend is Robin and Matt's wedding, next is the bestie's birthday bash, and then we have football, football, and more football. This year is just flying by!

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