Monday, July 19, 2010

this and that

Thursday: the hubs and I were invited to dinner at the Antleys' gorgeous home. It's funny how we live only a couple of miles down the road from each other, but this is the first time visiting. The newlyweds, Jessica and Bryan, joined in the fun as well. It was a great night of good food, funny stories, and lots of wine!

Friday: we've been doing the Friday-night-Mexican for awhile now and I just needed a change. Jessica had told me about this ahh-mah-zing burger place that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives but I couldn't remember the name of it. A quick call and we were headed to Pawley's Front Porch and Jessica and Bryan were joining! It was delish! If you live in the Columbia area you need to go!

Saturday: fabric mecca here we come! With coupons in hand we went out to the new location of All About Fabric in Williamston. Our goal was to look and see how expensive marine vinyl is because I've decided I'm going to recover our boat myself. I nearly died when I saw the price of $13 a yard, especially since we need 21 yards! After much debate we decided to go for it since we had a 25% off coupon. The heavens opened and the angels sang when we got to the register and it was $6 a yard. I'd never been happier even though it was still a little over $100 worth of material. I also got a couple other tidbits of fabric for fun stuff.

Sunday: after church I was determined to sew. I was interupted last week with the removal of a planter, so this week it was going to happen. After making lunch, cleaning the kitchen, starting laundry, and cleaning the litter boxes I went into my craft room. I made the new throw pillows for our couch. I've only had the material since May, oopsies. I also realized something. I have a fabric addiction! I have so much fabric for projects that I've never started. I seriously need to get things under control and stop buying more!

Five more days until the beach!

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