Monday, July 12, 2010

something I said I'd never do

Our Sunday started out like any other Sunday. We slept in. I didn't get out of bed until 11 and it was wonderful. I declared that I would be spending the day sewing and doing crafty things so the hubs said he was going to clean boat parts on the back porch.

After finally getting out of bed to eat a banana, I decided that I should at least work out before I continued my lazy day. The hubs had turned on music so I asked if I could work out real quick like then turn his music back on. He gave me the green light so I changed and started the wii active.

Here's where my big mistake came in. I turned the music back on after I was done and popped outside to the porch to make sure it was on correctly. The hubs said he was going to tear out a planter we wanted to remove and I said, "you need some help?" Why I let those words slip from my mouth, the world may never know. Three hours later, the planter was gone.

I kinda forgot to take a before picture so this one is from when we were seeing the house for the first time back in January

half way done

I transplanted flowers from one bed into this one - hope they don't die

all gone!

the hubs was spraying the water at Ella

Needless to say today I HURT! My whole body aches. Sad really. The hubs convinced me that I needed to work out again tonight to help loosen the muscles so it would hurt less. I did and we'll see if it works. Now he's feeding me ice cream...sweet!

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