Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 1st

Aaron, Jenny, Danny, and I drove 8 hours to Ohio this weekend for Nikki's wedding. The trip was fun and interesting to say the least. We entertained ourselves with YouTube videos during the car ride and came up with ridiculous sayings (I'm on a boat with my flippy floppies!) that gave us all the giggles.

The night before the big day we went over to Nikki and Will's house to help with last minute details. Aaron ironed Nikki's crinoline, Danny made Nikki's bouquet, and I helped one of the bridesmaids Jen make the corsages and boutineers. We were there pretty late and Nikki still had a list of things to do. It made me glad that I didn't have last minute things to do for my wedding.

The wedding was beautiful. Jenny and I got ready upstairs with Nikki and her bridesmaids. Her dress was amazing. She was a little jumpy (nothing some champagne can't fix), but mostly smiles. We had such a great time at the reception dancing and laughing. We hated for Sunday to come, along with the long drive home.

Aaron ironing

he's really concentrating...

yes, I'm married to one of those goobers

Nikki's dress

getting her into the dress was quite a task

Bella, the most adorable flower girl ever

Will waiting patiently

first kiss as mr. & mrs.

their uber fab cake

clearly in love!

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