Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Haddie-Lynn: three months

Dear Haddie-Lynn,

Three sweet months with my very sweet girl just like that. Your little personality is starting to peek through and we just can't get enough. You smile and have started to coo a little bit. It's music to my ears. 

You're eating every 3 hours, 40 minute nursing sessions with mama or a 5 oz bottle with daycare. The length of your nursing session doesn't surprise me because your brother was the exact same way. You are starting to become a bit more interested in the world around you though and will get distracted.

We don't have any official stats this month, but you are barely hanging on to your three month clothes. Footies are pretty much maxed out and mama is going to have to face the music and just let you jump into the next pile of clothing.

Your sleeping has remained pretty great, except for a small bout at the end of November. You'll have your last feeding at 10pm and then wake up around 6am the next morning. Those few bad mornings you'll wake up around 4am which is just killer for mama. Hopefully this phase won't last very long. You are still sleeping in your swing.

During your two month check up the doctor noticed you seem to have a preference on head position. This is starting to cause you to have a flat spot on the back of your head. We've started taking you to physical therapy and have been told to do lots and lots of tummy time. Lucky for us you don't seem to mind it too much. You're very good at holding your head up high so we think the flat spot will round out pretty easily.

You are such a happy, easy going baby. We are so so thankful! While your cry is much louder than your brother's ever was, you don't wail too often. When you do it's mainly for attention as you'll give us a big goofy grin as soon as we go and check on you.

We had lots of exciting events this month including, big brother's 4th birthday, Thanksgiving, and your baptism. Christmas is right around the corner and then it'll be the new year in no time. 

Bubs and sissy at three months

We love you to the moon and back sissy girl.

All my love, 

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