Thursday, September 11, 2014

it's not fall, it's football season

While in northern parts of the country the start of September means fall, down south it means football! It certainly doesn't mean fall weather as we nearly melted at the Clemson game this past Saturday. I'd definitely welcome some cooler temps. 

Friday, I took off work and took bubs to see Sesame Street Live in Greenville. His daycare was able to get group tickets and asked parents if they would like to join. A little while back we took him to see Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He was pretty terrified then, but I thought maybe, this time, he'd be just a touch older and better prepared.

Haha, NOPE. He clung to me and the lovies the entire time. He didn't outright cry, but he did tell me "we can go home now." After a little while I got him to relax and point out the different characters. During intermission he told me that he was having lots of fun. Kids are weird.

We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch and back home for a nice long nap while I packed us up to go to Clemson for the weekend.

I walked into the living room to bring all of our bags and found this little train he had set up. He's obsessed with lining up all his toys in a row. He gets everything the way he wants it then climbs into his truck and watches tv. I'll say it again, kids are weird.

Something that I'm obsessed with are these 31 utility totes. I just got a third one so each person in the family gets a tote for the weekend. They are the perfect size for a weekend away and so sturdy. I love how the opening is structured and doesn't collapse on you. Quinn always wants something while we're driving so the open top makes it easier for me to hunt around in there. 

Quinn got to wear his game day outfit on Saturday. He loves pointing out the different tiger paws every where and telling us "goooooo Tigers!" #raisethemright I put a tiger paw tattoo on my cheek and Quinn about flipped. He wanted one of his face too, ha.

Clemson has new construction going on all over campus. The one that I'm most excited over is Spirit Point near the Brooks Center for the band. My parents bought hubs and I bricks with our names on them to be put in the walkway there. Maybe they'll be going in soon and we'll be able to look for them. It's such a great thing to have for the future. I can't wait to have Quinn help us find our names in the walkway.

Like I mentioned earlier, we nearly melted at the game. It was hot hot hot and I was so glad to not be in a uniform. I do miss marching with Tiger Band and being a part of the color guard, but after a game like that I do NOT miss wearing a uniform.

Tiger Guard has 32 girls this season! Or at least that's how many we counted. I think the band overall has 305. Tiger Band has done a great job over the years and I love to see them growing. IPTAY got them new uniforms this year as well. They look pretty sharp.

We stayed until there was about 5 minutes left in the third quarter. When the Tigers scored again to make it 44 to 0, we decided to throw in the towel and seek air conditioning.

Quinn didn't go to the game with us, but I'm fairly certain he had a better time with his cousins. They went to a pirate pool party and even came home with loot. Then we let him stay up late building towers and running around like a maniac. That's what weekends are all about, right?

He turned into a snuggle bug the next morning though when it all started to catch up with him. He took a pretty solid nap on Sunday to recover. The house was so quiet while the boys napped and I indulged in some sewing. The best.

And to end on a random note, have y'all tried the Blue Moon harvest pumpkin ale? If you like pumpkin flavored drinks, I highly recommend it!

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