Monday, October 15, 2012

Quinn is eleven months old

Dear Quinn,

You are just bursting with personality these days. You can be sassy and dramatic one minute and then sweet as sugar the next. It definitely makes your daddy and me laugh when you give us some attitude. I love that you are beginning to express your emotions.

Not much has changed in your sleeping or eating routine. You are eating everything mama and daddy eats and love to feed yourself snacks. Puffs are still your favorite, but you also like cheerios, goldfish, and nilla wafers. I'm so thankful that you sleep from 7 at night to 7 in the morning. On the weekends you sometimes even go back down till 9am after a quick nursing session!

You are in 12 month clothing and wear shoes all the time now. They don't seem to bother you and help keep your socks on. Your diaper is on the medium snap for length with two columns open. We have started double stuffing your night time diaper which has been helping with middle of the night leaks.

You have your very first tooth! For the couple of days it took to cut through you weren't a very happy camper, but now that it has popped up you're good to go. You don't really have any interest in chewing on a teething ring, but you love crunchy cheerios and teething tablets to soothe the pain.

Now that you are a crawling machine, we have installed some baby gates to corral you. It didn't take you long to notice that if the gate isn't clicked closed you can open it and scoot right through in a hurry. It certainly makes me laugh to see you bolt for the opening. You are definitely not a fan of being trapped on one side while mama is on the other trying to make dinner. I believe we have entered the separation anxiety stage.

You are becoming more and more interested in toys. I think your favorite right now is a set of shakers that can also be banged with a hammer. The blocks are a close second. You love for mama to build a tower so you can knock it down. I'm sure you will get lots of fun new things for your birthday! Daddy can't wait to build lego sets with you and drive trucks all around the floor.

While Memere was visiting she taught you your very first word, uh-oh! You now love to throw things down on the floor followed by a sweet little "uh-oh". It may not be the "mama" or "dada" I was hoping for, but it is just as cute!

You are our world sweet boy and we wouldn't change a thing. We love you to the moon and back.


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