Sunday, February 27, 2011

catching up

Warning: this is gonna be a long one

  • I participated in my first ever Pink Swap hosted by Miss Hopsy aka Kappa Prep. It was so fun searching for the perfect pink items to send my swap partner. 
these pink pretties were sent to my partner

and this is what I received in return

  • Valentine's Day is not a big holiday in our house. In fact, we don't celebrate it at all, which is why I was very shocked to find this sitting in my car that Monday morning.

my Valentine received a chocolate cake topped with heart sprinkles

  • I have been wanting a new dining room table since, well since we got married. The current table we have is just not my style. It's an extremely shiny red cherry table. No thanks. We were at Greenville mall when we came across this beauty.

  • The Woodland Ridge by Legacy Classic Furniture. It is precisely what I had in mind and even the price was right. Unfortunately, it is made out of a soft wood and not meant to last forever. We decided to hunt around before purchasing this one. The hubs mom knows her furniture and said she would look around for us. A couple weekends later we went back to Greenville to see what she had found and I fell in love with something completely different. 

  • Paula's Table from the Paula Deen Home Collection. This table is just plain gorgeous. It is hard wood and made in Hickory, North Carolina. The only downside is that the table is so popular we had to order it and it won't be here till March 14th. 
  • My daddy's birthday was earlier this month. We gave him a fish finder for his boat, but I wrapped each part to it individually and numbered them. It was quite entertaining watching him try to decide what the gift was. I wish I knew how to steal my brother's video he took and post it here.
  • I have started a new low carb diet and I've lost five pounds. I'm sure if I started working out as well the weight would come off even faster. Must stop being lazy.
  • I've still been menu planning each week, but (as you can see) have quit posting it on here. I seem to always forget to take a picture of the meal before I scarf it down. Here are a few that I did manage to remember to take a pic of first.
margarita chicken over black beans with spanish rice

turkey spaghetti pie

beef tostadas

  • Last night we went out to dinner with the Cegelis, the Antleys, and Jessica's brother Justin. It was a great time as usual. One of these times I will remember to have the waiter take a picture of us all.
  • And it wrap it all up, here's something I saw at Sear's...

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