Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16th

Mustang Sally! (well Brooke in this case)

Danny's dream of owning a '68 mustang coupe came true today. Too bad it's in a million pieces with some essentials (like an engine) missing. Let's call it a work in progress. Doesn't really matter much to Danny because it's all his.

We drove to Greenville to a childhood friend's mom's house (Ben's mom, Cindy) to relieve her backyard of the monstrosity. Everyone was very excited to move the car. Cindy couldn't wait to have her backyard free of the junk (so she could put in more fountains and fairies I'm sure), Danny couldn't wait to have the car in his possession so he could start working on it (he's already made big plans in the short time he's known he's getting the car), and Ben couldn't wait to move the car so he wouldn't have to hear the complaints any longer.

The entire way home was spent dreaming up interior colors, paint schemes, and car names (because you HAVE to name your car and it HAS to be a girl name). Since we decided it was definitely going to be painted to show our Tiger spirit in some fashion I started thinking of Clemson landmarks that could also work as a car name. Not so easy. Tillman, Bowman, and Godfrey all would not do, but then I came to the Brooks Center. Hmmm!

Now Brooke sits safely in our garage awaiting the day we have enough money to start buying her things. Hope she's patient.

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