Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18th

I'm definitely loving having themed parties. As most of you know I love to decorate so having a theme for a party only makes it that more fantastic to prepare for. For my birthday we had a superheros and villains themed party at the house. Who cares that I was turning 23 because it was so much fun! Tara and I were TMNT. Danny was skeletor. Neil was superman. Good times!

Danny gave me a pink ipod for my birthday. I love it. It couldn't be any pinker. Casey gave me hot pink heart shaped sunglasses and playboy bunny sunglasses (with the help of mom). It was an awesome night.

THE cake mom got me

Casey and Neil (Neil's shirt is better because I painted it myself)

Skeletor having a cold one

Tara and Michael

Lindsay and Super Neil



my heart-shaped hot pink sunglasses

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