Saturday, November 22, 2008

November 22nd

A couple of weeks ago Danny and I invited the neighbors over for dinner to show off the house and how everything looks since we started this project months ago. I must say the house looked quite cozy with all of the Christmas decorations everywhere. Lynn commented that she had never seen the house decorated for the holidays before. I would have loved to light a fire to add to the atmosphere, but we've had a hot spell and it was nearly 65 out that night.

Danny made his famous fried chicken and mashed potatoes and I helped by steaming some broccoli and making cornbread. Apparently the cornbread was quite a hit. I used the cornmeal that Bobby and Patty had given to us when we went to see them grind their homemade grits and cornmeal. The recipe was just something I found online, but now it will forever be Desiree's famous homemade cornbread. Hooray for making something people love!

Santa stopped by the house early and left some presents for the girls, Taylor and Jordan. Taylor received a gingerbread tree kit and a stocking full of Hannah Montana school supplies and Jordan received a gingerbread house kit and a stocking full of High School Musical school supplies. After dinner Lynn gave them the go ahead to go and play with all the new stuff. They were amused for the rest of the night. I wish Christmas shopping was that easy for everyone.

Jordan and Taylor opening their presents from Santa

Showing off the loot!

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